ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette Review: Best For Your Face

Welcome, beauty enthusiasts! Prepare to redefine your eye makeup game with our ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette Review. This palette, a sensation in the beauty world, is a vibrant symphony of shades that encourages play, experimentation, and self-expression.

Join us as we delve into the magic of this palette, exploring its features, performance, and the captivating looks it can create. The journey of ColourPop’s Fade Into Hue awaits, and it’s a ride you won’t want to miss!

ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette Review

ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette Review

Experience with ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette:

The ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette is a fantasyland of abstract colors that brings the rainbow to your makeup collection. With 30 pans spanning the entire spectrum, this palette caters to every mood and occasion. From icy metallic baby pink to vivid cobalt blue, it’s a playground for creativity.

The texture variety is impressive, featuring matte, shimmer, and sparkle matte shades. Some are highly pigmented and blendable, while others add an extra twinkle. The shadows apply evenly, feel ultra-velvety, and blend smoothly.

However, be prepared for some fallout, especially with the sparkling matte shades. For the best results, apply this palette prior to base products and use it with an eyeshadow primer. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a makeup novice, the Fade Into Hue palette invites you to express yourself through a mesmerizing array of colors.

Why the ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette?

Choosing the right eyeshadow palette is like selecting the perfect brushstroke for a masterpiece. So, why did I set my sights on the ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette? Let me share my reasons:

  1. Vibrant Versatility: This palette isn’t just a one-trick pony. It’s a whole circus! With 30 shades spanning the rainbow, it caters to every mood and occasion. From soft pastels to bold neons, it’s a playground for creativity.
  2. Texture Tango: The mix of matte, shimmer, and sparkle matte shades is like a dance floor. Matte for depth, shimmer for glow, and sparkle matte for that extra twinkle. It’s a texture tango waiting to happen.
  3. Expressive Freedom: Makeup is art, and this palette screams freedom. Whether I want to channel my inner unicorn or evoke sultry sunset vibes, the Fade Into Hue palette gives me the tools to express myself.
  4. Quality Assurance: ColourPop has a reputation for quality at an affordable price. Pigmentation? Check. Blendability? Check. Longevity? Check. It’s like having a backstage pass to a makeup concert.
  5. Limited Edition Magic: Knowing that this palette won’t be around forever adds a touch of magic. It’s like catching a shooting star—you grab it while you can.

Texture and Pigmentation: A Conversation with the Shadows

Ah, let’s talk about the heart and soul of any eyeshadow palette—the texture and pigmentation. You see, these little pans of color aren’t just powders; they’re storytellers. They whisper secrets of blendability, shimmer, and that elusive “pop” factor.

The Velvety Touch

When I dipped my brush into the Fade Into Hue palette, it felt like gliding through silk. The matte shades—oh, they’re velvety. They melt onto the skin, creating a seamless canvas. No patchiness, no drama—just pure elegance. It’s like painting with whispers.

Shimmering Stardust

Now, let’s talk about the shimmers. They’re like stardust caught in a jar. When the light hits, they twinkle. Not in a blinding way, mind you. It’s more like a subtle wink—a secret shared between you and the mirror. The metallics? Oh, they’re molten. Apply them with a damp brush, and suddenly your eyelids are molasses dipped in gold.

Sparkle and Fallout

Ah, the sparkle mattes. These mischievous little things add dimension. But beware—they come with a caveat. A touch of fallout. Yes, they’re like rebellious pixies that escape the pan and dance on your cheeks. But hey, a little fallout is a small price for magic, right?

Pigmentation Poetry

The pigmentation? It’s poetry. Each shade sings its own song. Some are ballads—soft and subtle. Others? Anthems that demand attention. And when you layer them, oh, it’s a symphony. The color payoff? Well, let’s just say it’s like whispering “I love you” and hearing it echo across the universe.

ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette Review

Name of the all color shades

Shade NameColor Description
FantasylandIcy metallic baby pink
LovecraftMid-tone warm pink
PrismaticMid-tone pink glitter with rainbow pinpoints
AtelierBright hot pink with hot pink pearl
ParadiseVivid hot red pink
TreasureSoft matte peach
So PreciousWarm peach glitter with a gold and green duochrome shift
Art DecoVivid yellow orange with gold pearl
Retro DreamTrue metallic coral
Love + WarholNeon matte coral with silver pearl
Lucky CharmOpal gold glitter with teal and gold pinpoints
Big SmilePastel yellow with silver pearl
Shine BrightMetallic butter-y yellow
Bonus PointsMatte warm yellow
AbstractMatte primary yellow
DesignerMatte chartreuse with blue pinpoints
PoseMetallic icy lime
Dyed UpMatte kelly green
HauteMetallic soft emerald green with gold pinpoints
Bold TypeMatte deep teal
Take It EaselPastel matte baby blue
KaleidoscopePale blue glitter with pinpoints of teal, blue, and purple glitter
Hot CopicMetallic blue with a teal and purple duochrome shift
WatermarkVivid cerulean blue with silver pearl
IconicMatte cobalt blue
ExpressPale metallic lilac with a pink duochrome shift
SelfieCool matte lavender with silver pearl
MajesticBright matte violet
NouveauTrue metallic purple
ZeitgeistMatte eggplant
ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette Review

Fade Into Hue vs. Other Eyeshadow Palettes: A Colorful Showdown

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, the ColourPop Fade Into Hue stands out like a vibrant peacock in a sea of neutrals. Let’s compare it to other popular palettes:

  1. Versatility:
    • Fade Into Hue: With 30 shades spanning the rainbow, it’s a playground for creativity. From soft pastels to bold neons, you’re spoiled for choice.
    • Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam: Known for its expansive neutral shade range, this palette is perfect for creating soft glam looks. It offers rich pigmentation and great blendability.
    • Urban Decay Naked Reloaded: If you’re into soft glam, this palette delivers. It’s a revamped version of the iconic Naked series, with versatile shades for everyday wear.
    • Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IX: For special occasions, this palette is a showstopper. It’s luxurious, highly pigmented, and offers a mix of bold and neutral shades.
  2. Texture Mix:
    • Fade Into Hue: Matte, shimmer, and sparkle matte shades coexist harmoniously. You get the best of all worlds.
    • Chanel le 4 ombre tweed cuivré: This luxury palette offers a mix of textures, including satin, shimmer, and matte. It’s perfect for creating elegant looks.
  3. Quality Blendability:
    • Fade Into Hue: Shadows blend seamlessly, adhering smoothly. Some sparkling matte shades have fallout, so use an eyeshadow primer.
    • Morphe 35A up ‘til dawn artistry palette: Known for its expansive shade range, this palette offers rich pigmentation and great blendability.
  4. Expression Potential:
    • Fade Into Hue: It’s not just makeup; it’s self-expression. Want to channel your inner unicorn? Go ahead!
    • Hourglass curator three shadow palette: A small but curated palette with versatile shades for day to night looks.
ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette Review

Tips for Using the ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Primer First: Apply your favorite eyeshadow primer before diving into the Fade Into Hue palette. This ensures better color payoff and longevity.
  2. Brush Selection:
    • Flat and Firmer Brushes: Use these for maximum color intensity. They’ll give you the most vibrant shades.
    • Fluffier Brushes: Perfect for blending. They soften edges and create seamless transitions between colors.
  3. Fallout Alert: Some sparkling matte shades may have fallout. To minimize this, tap off excess product from your brush before applying.
  4. Layering Magic:
    • Base Shade: Start with a matte shade close to your skin tone as a base.
    • Shimmer or Sparkle: Layer shimmer or sparkle shades on top for dimension.
    • Blend, Blend, Blend: Blend the edges to avoid harsh lines.
  5. Get Creative: Don’t limit yourself! These shades can be used anywhere on your face or body. Experiment with unconventional looks.

Remember, makeup is an art form—so play, blend, and express yourself! 


After reviewing the ColourPop Fade Into Hue Eyeshadow Palette, I can confidently say it’s a fantastic choice. This palette offers a wide range of shades, from everyday neutrals to bold and vibrant colors, making it incredibly versatile.

The quality is impressive – the shadows are richly pigmented, blend effortlessly, and have excellent staying power. And let’s not forget about its affordability, which makes it a great bang for your buck.

No matter your skill level in makeup, I believe this palette is worth exploring. It’s fun, budget-friendly, and performs exceptionally well. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new palette, I’d highly recommend considering the ColourPop Fade Into Hue. It just might become your next favorite!


Is the palette suitable for beginners?

Yes, absolutely! Its blendable formula and diverse shade range make it user-friendly for beginners.

Does the palette have fallout?

Minimal fallout is present, but it’s easily manageable with a light hand and tapping off excess product.

Is it travel-friendly?

Yes, its compact size and sturdy packaging make it perfect for travel.

Are the shades long-lasting?

With a primer, the shades last all day without creasing or fading, ensuring long-lasting wear.

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