6 cool facts about The Marshall Island

You probably never heard of this destination

1. The country is bigger than you think – sort of 

The 1,200 islands and islets that make up the island nation are divided into two parallel atoll chains.

2. Whole year, pure water was made available to everyone in the nation.

The Marshall Islands accomplished a remarkable feat in late July when they gained border-to-border access to clean water.

3. The islands may disappear within our lifetime 

Climate warming might render their low-lying island home untenable as early as the 2030s.

4. There’s a heartbreaking nuclear legacy caused by the US

The United States detonated the equivalent of 7,000 Hiroshima bombs on four atolls in the Marshall Islands

5. There’s a huge time difference with the US 

Travelling to the Marshall Islands from the United States—more especially, Honolulu—is a little surreal.