9 family vacation ideas for families with neurodivergent kids

1. All-inclusive resort

For families with a neurodivergent child, Beaches Resorts (with locations in Ocho Rios and Negril, Jamaica; and Providenciales, Turks and Caicos) is a great all-inclusive choice.

2. Active vacation

These kids might not consider family beach holidays spent tanning under the sun to be enjoyable.

3. Focus on special interest

Plan a vacation around the things that will excite your child and lean into whatever fascinates them.

4. Consider a staycation

Travelling nearer to home can introduce children to new experiences and offer a certain level of familiarity.

5. Look for autism certification

The uncertainty out of vacation planning with an autistic family member has been removed by companies like Autism Travel and Austim Double Checked.

6. Amusement park

For kids who are neurodiverse, a lot of amusement parks might be great because of the amenities and supportive programmes offered. 

7. Water park

The top water parks in the United States offer endless hours of pleasure.

8. Small cities and town

suggest Asheville, North Carolina, as a more intimate, leisurely-paced city with a wide range of activities.

9. Consider specialty planning

can assist in organising travel to almost any destination while keeping a neurodivergent family member's particular needs in mind.