Adil Qadri Attar- Read Before Buy

The world of perfumes and fragrances is amazing, right? They can take you back to special moments, make you feel all sorts of emotions, and leave a lasting impression. But with so many different attars to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Thinking about trying Adil Qadri Attar? Hold on a sec! Before you jump in and buy it, we’ve got something interesting for you. We’re going to tell you all about this brand, what other people think of it, and how to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Basically, we’re here to help you make a smart decision about Adil Qadri Attar. Sound good? Then keep reading!

The Story Behind the Scent: Unveiling Adil Qadri Attar

Ever wonder who’s behind the brand you love? Today, we’re taking a peek behind the curtain of Adil Qadri Attar, a fragrance that’s been making waves in the world of perfume.

This brand is the brainchild of Adil Qadri, a young entrepreneur from Gujarat, India. His journey isn’t your typical rags-to-riches story, but it’s definitely inspiring. Despite facing challenges, Adil never gave up on his dream of creating high-quality fragrances. With a passion for perfume and a keen understanding of online business, he launched Adil Qadri Attar in 2018.

The brand quickly gained recognition for its unique and luxurious scents, all crafted with an emphasis on quality. Interestingly, Adil Qadri Attar stands out by offering alcohol-free fragrances, catering to a wider audience with specific preferences.

Today, Adil Qadri’s brand continues to grow, with a loyal customer base and aspirations to expand globally. So, the next time you encounter Adil Qadri Attar, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the story and passion behind the fragrance.

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Product range Adil Qadri Attar

Adil Qadri Attar offers a diverse selection of fragrances to cater to various preferences. Let’s delve into some of their best-selling attars:

Adil Qadri brand is wide range , list are

  • Attar
  • Perfume Spray
  • Body Spray
  • Bakhoor
  • Incense Sticks

Here is the 5 best selling products of Adil Qadri brand:

1. Shanaya Luxury Attar Perfume

Adil Qadri Attar- Read Before Buy

This captivating scent boasts a floral and musky blend with notes of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. Perfect for everyday wear, it leaves a long-lasting and elegant fragrance. Price: ₹599 or $24.06.

Current Offer: Enjoy a flat 33% discount on Shanaya Luxury Attar Perfume, bringing the price down to ₹599 from its original price of ₹899.

2. Assorted Luxury Attar Perfume Gift Set (6 x 5.5Ml)

Adil Qadri Attar- Read Before Buy

This delightful set offers a sampler of six different attars, allowing you to discover your perfect fragrance. It’s a fantastic option for gifting or trying out various scents. Price: ₹1,499 (discounted from ₹2,999).

Current Offer: This delightful gift set is currently available at a 50% discount, bringing the price down to ₹1,499 from its original price of ₹2,999.

3. White Oudh Luxury Attar Perfume

Adil Qadri Attar- Read Before Buy

Experience the rich and sophisticated aroma of oudh with this luxurious attar. The woody and slightly musky scent is perfect for those who appreciate a classic and timeless fragrance. Price: ₹599 (discounted from ₹1,150).

Current Offer: Grab White Oudh Luxury Attar Perfume at a discounted price of ₹599, saving you ₹550 from its original price of ₹1,150.

4. Captivating Trio 3 Pcs Set of Premium Perfume Spray (30ml x 3)

Adil Qadri Attar- Read Before Buy
adil qadri

This trio offers a variety of fragrances to suit different moods and occasions. The set typically includes popular scents like floral, musky, and woody, but the specific options may vary. Price: ₹999 (discounted from ₹1,999).

Current Offer: Indulge in the Captivating Trio at a discounted price of ₹999, saving you ₹1,000 from its original price of ₹1,999.

5. Lavish Musk Premium Attar Perfume

Adil Qadri Attar- Read Before Buy

Indulge in the warm and sensual aroma of musk with this luxurious attar. The captivating scent is perfect for a touch of sophistication and mystery. Price: ₹399 (discounted from ₹599).

Current Offer: Embrace the alluring scent of Lavish Musk Premium Attar Perfume at a discounted price of ₹399, saving you ₹200 from its original price of ₹599.

Return policy of Adil Qadri Attar: A Simple Guide

Picking the perfect perfume is personal, and sometimes even after research, things might not be what you expected. Luckily, Adil Qadri has a return policy to help you out.

Here’s the simple stuff:

  • You have 7 days after getting your order to return it if:
    • It’s broken or damaged: This means things like cracked bottles, leaks, or sprayers not working.
    • It’s the wrong item: If you get something different from what you ordered, you can get your money back or swap it.
    • It’s not what they described: If the perfume doesn’t match the details online, you can send it back.

But there are some things you can’t return:

  • Used or messed-up products: This includes things that have been opened, used, worn, washed, or dirty. Trying a little bit to smell the perfume is okay, but using a lot isn’t allowed.
  • Opened packages (except trying): Perfumes with broken seals can’t be returned unless they were already broken when you got them. This keeps things clean and safe.
  • Certain types of products: You can’t usually return things like beard oil, big items, custom-made perfumes, or ones on sale.

Remember: Even though the website says 7 days for returns, you’ll also need to film a video of you opening the package if it’s broken or wrong. They need this video to process your return.

Here are some tips for easy returns:

  • Read the return policy carefully before you order anything.
  • Check your order closely when you get it to make sure everything is right.
  • Contact Adil Qadri’s customer service right away if you need to return something.

By knowing these simple things, you can have a smooth experience shopping with Adil Qadri Attar.

contact details of Adil Qadri Attar

If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to reach out to Adil Qadri Attar, here are the ways you can contact them:

  • Email: This is the most convenient option. You can send them an email at They mention being available from Monday to Saturday to answer your questions.
  • Phone: You can also call them at +91 8885978692. Their customer service hours are Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 7 PM IST (Indian Standard Time).

Additionally, you can visit their website: for more information, including an FAQ section that might address your concerns.

Remember, the best way to ensure a prompt response is to clearly outline your query or request in your email or phone call.

Social Media Contact:

In today’s world, staying connected with your favorite brands is easier than ever. If you’re a fan of Adil Qadri Attar and want to stay updated on new products, promotions, and exclusive content, here’s how you can follow them on social media:

Here’s what you can expect on their social media pages:

  • New product announcements: Be the first to know about exciting new additions to their fragrance collection.
  • Special offers and discounts: Get exclusive deals and promotions just for followers.
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses: Peek into the world of Adil Qadri Attar and see how their fragrances are created.
  • Tips and tricks: Learn expert advice on choosing the perfect fragrance, applying it properly, and making it last longer.
  • Engaging contests and giveaways: Participate in fun challenges and giveaways for a chance to win free products and other exciting prizes.

By following Adil Qadri Attar on social media, you can stay connected with the brand you love, discover new favorites, and be a part of their vibrant online community.

where you find Adil Qadri Attar

Official website – Adil Qadri Attar

Amazon- link


The world of perfumes and scents is amazing, and it lets you express yourself in a cool way. Adil Qadri Attar has become a popular name in this exciting world, thanks to their different scents, interesting story, and focus on happy customers.

Whether you’ve loved perfumes for a long time or are just starting to explore them, Adil Qadri Attar has something for you. Their top sellers, like the amazing Shanaya and the fancy White Oudh, come in different styles to suit your taste. Plus, their return policy and helpful customer service team make things easy if you have any issues.

So, if you’re curious about Adil Qadri Attar, check out their website or social media pages. See their unique scents, learn about their story, and don’t be shy to ask their customer service any questions you have. Remember, your perfect perfume is out there, waiting to be found and become a special part of how you show the world who you are.


What does Shanaya attar smell like?

Shanaya attar is described as a floral and musky blend with notes of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. This creates a sweet and slightly musky scent that many find elegant and long-lasting.

Is Adil Qadri perfume good?

The perception of “good” is subjective and depends on individual preferences. However, Adil Qadri Attar enjoys a positive reputation among many customers. They offer a unique selection of fragrances with positive reviews for their quality and affordability. Ultimately, whether you find it “good” depends on your personal taste and expectations.

Who is the owner of Adil Qadri perfume?

Adil Qadri Attar is the brainchild of Adil Qadri, a young entrepreneur from Gujarat, India. He established the brand in 2018, driven by his passion for fragrances and a strong online business sense.

How much is Adil Qadri worth?

Determining the precise value of a private company like Adil Qadri is challenging as financial information isn’t publicly available. They are a growing brand, but their exact worth remains confidential.

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