Flower Knows Founder Yang Zifeng -The Best Chinese Beauty Brand of 2024

In the dynamic world of beauty, where trends change at lightning speed, a new phenomenon called fast beauty has emerged. This article explores the incredible success of flower knows founder , Yang Zifeng, and sheds light on the booming Chinese beauty industry. With a focus on speed and innovation, these local brands are challenging the traditional Western beauty giants. From their rapid product development process to their popularity among younger consumers, we delve into the factors contributing to the rise of fast beauty.

Flower Knows Founder , Yang Zifeng

The Fast Beauty Revolution

In recent years, a group of Chinese makeup brands, including Flower Knows, has taken the beauty industry by storm. The driving force behind their success lies in the concept of fast beauty. This revolutionary approach involves conceptualizing, launching, and manufacturing a product line in just three months. Flower Knows Founder, Yang Zifeng, has embraced this philosophy, allowing the brand to thrive in China’s competitive beauty market.

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Flower Knows Founder Yang Zifeng’s Journey

Flower Knows Founder , Yang Zifeng

Yang Zifeng, a young entrepreneur, One of flower knows founder with creative director Zhou Tiancheng in 2016 Make Flower Knowns Company. Initially facing challenges, the duo persevered and shortened their production time from six months to under three months for each product line.

Yang’s focus on fast beauty, coupled with their commitment to original and creative ideas, propelled Flower Knows to success. The brand offers affordable products, with eyeshadow palettes priced under $20 and lipsticks at $9, making them highly appealing to consumers.

The Secrets of Fast Beauty ProductionFlower Knows Founder

Flower Knows and other fast beauty brands employ strategies to maintain their rapid pace of production. By working simultaneously on multiple product lines, they ensure a continuous flow of new offerings.

Additionally, partnering with manufacturers in Guangzhou allows for efficient shipping and eliminates supply chain hurdles. The brand’s profit of approximately $5 million per launch is a testament to the effectiveness of their streamlined production process.

Unparalleled Product Variety

Flower Knows Founder , Yang Zifeng

Fast beauty brands like Flower Knows are known for their astonishing product variety. In 2020 alone, Flower Knows released over 100 unique makeup products, ranging from eyeshadow palettes and highlighters to blushes and lipsticks.

This year, they are set to double their product offerings. By consistently refreshing and updating their products, these brands keep consumers engaged and eager to try the latest trends.

Consumer Perspective: Why Fast Beauty is a Hit

Flower Knows Founder , Yang Zifeng

The appeal of fast beauty extends beyond its rapid production and diverse product range. Market research suggests that Chinese consumers, particularly those in their 20s and 30s, are drawn to the value-for-money aspect of these brands.

Affordable prices, combined with frequent product launches, allow customers to own a wide variety of cosmetics and experiment with different looks. Moreover, these brands resonate with local tastes and cultural sentiments, contributing to their growing popularity.

Marketing Strategies: Riding the Social Media Wave

Flower Knows Founder , Yang Zifeng

Fast beauty brands effectively utilize social media platforms to reach their target audience. From leveraging word-of-mouth on WeChat and Weibo to video-based marketing on platforms like Xiaohongshu and Bilibili, these brands tap into the power of social networking.

Live-streaming on e-commerce platforms further enhances their reach, providing a platform for real-time interaction with consumers. By engaging with customers and staying attuned to their preferences, fast beauty brands create a sense of excitement and urgency around their products.

Embracing Change: A Cultural Shift in Beauty Consumption

Flower Knows Founder , Yang Zifeng

Fast beauty consumption is often compared to “snacking,” where consumers sample a wide range of products and brands. The affordable price tags of fast beauty products enable consumers to express their uniqueness and stay current with ever-changing beauty trends.

The visually appealing and attractive packaging of these products adds to their appeal, particularly among younger consumers who seek a fun and playful beauty experience.

Flower Knows was founded in China in 2016 by Yang Zifeng and Zhou Tiancheng, who are also known as Baozi & Hana, celebrity cosplayers with millions of fans on social media.

They started the brand with their savings of slightly over $100,000 and faced many challenges at first, but they managed to shorten their production time and launch new products every three months.

Some of their popular product series include Love Bear, The Little Angle, Flower Goddess, Cherry Love, Circus Unicorn, and more.

They sell their products on Chinese e-commerce platforms like Taobao and Tmall, as well as overseas markets like Japan, Europe, and the United States. As of March 2021, Flower Knows entered more than 1,000 Japanese stores and won the 2021 Shopee Seller Awards.

Some secrets about Flower Knows Founder ‘s Company are:

  • They collaborate with famous illustrators like Sakizo and Mika Pikazo to design their packaging.
  • They use natural ingredients like rose extract, cherry blossom extract, and camellia oil in their products.
  • They have a loyal fan base called “Flower Fairies” who share their makeup looks and reviews online

Best Makeup from Flower Knows

Flower Knows is a C-beauty (Chinese beauty) brand that was created by two cosplayers in China. The brand is known for its dreamy and whimsical packaging, as well as its high-quality makeup products. If you are looking for some of the best makeup from Flower Knows, here are some of their most popular and recommended items:

  • Moonlight Mermaid Five-Color Jewelry Eyeshadow Palette: This eye makeup palette contains five matte and shimmery shades housed in a jewel-toned mermaid-inspired case. The colors are smooth and pigmented, and the glitters are gorgeous and sparkly. You can create various looks with this palette, from natural to glamorous, and unleash your inner mermaid.
  • Strawberry Rococo Cloud Lip Cream: This lip product features a highly pigmented and creamy formula in vintage Rococo-esque packaging. The shades are inspired by strawberries and cream, and they give your lips a soft and velvety finish. The lip cream is also moisturizing and long-lasting, and it smells like strawberries too.
  • Swan Ballet Embossed Blush: This blush product has a beautiful swan embossed design that adds elegance and charm to your makeup collection. The blush is available in four shades, ranging from pink to coral, and it suits different skin tones and occasions. The blush is also blendable and buildable, and it gives your cheeks a natural and healthy glow.
  • Little Angel Embossed Highlighter: This highlighter product is part of the Little Angel collection, which combines baroque and romantic colorful glass styles. The highlighter has a sculptural cherub and a rose window embossed design, and it comes in two shades: gold and pink. The highlighter is smooth and luminous, and it enhances your features and complexion with a radiant shine.

These are some of the best makeup from Flower Knows that you can try and enjoy. Flower Knows is a brand that makes dreams come true with their fairytale makeup and artistic crafting. You can find more of their products on their official website or on YesStyle.

Is Flower Knows Vegan?

Flower Knows is a popular C-beauty (Chinese beauty) brand that was created by two cosplayers in China. The brand is known for its dreamy and whimsical packaging, as well as its high-quality makeup products. But is Flower Knows vegan? The answer is not so simple.

According to the brand’s official website, Flower Knows claims to be cruelty-free, meaning that they do not test their products or ingredients on animals. However, they do not have any official certifications or endorsements from any animal rights organizations, such as PETA or Leaping Bunny, to verify their cruelty-free status. Therefore, some consumers may be skeptical about their cruelty-free claim.

Moreover, Flower Knows does not claim to be vegan, meaning that some of their products may contain animal-derived ingredients, such as beeswax, lanolin, carmine, or collagen. These ingredients are commonly used in cosmetics to provide moisture, color, or texture. However, they are not vegan-friendly, as they involve the exploitation or harm of animals.

To find out if a specific Flower Knows product is vegan or not, you need to check the ingredient list carefully and look for any animal-derived ingredients.

You can also use online resources, such as Cruelty-Free Kitty or Ethical Elephant, to see if they have reviewed or listed any Flower Knows products as vegan or not. However, these resources may not be updated or accurate, so you should always do your own research before buying any product.

Flower Knows is a beautiful and creative cosmetics brand, but it is not 100% vegan. If you are a vegan or a cruelty-free consumer, you may want to be cautious and selective when shopping from this brand.

You may also want to contact the brand directly and ask them about their vegan and cruelty-free policies and practices, and encourage them to be more transparent and ethical in their production and marketing.


The rise of fast beauty, exemplified by the success of Flower Knows CEO or Flower Knows Founder Yang Zifeng, has transformed the Chinese beauty industry. By prioritizing speed, innovation, and affordability, these brands have captured the hearts of millions of consumers, challenging the dominance of Western beauty giants.

The combination of efficient production processes, cultural understanding, and strategic marketing on social media platforms has paved the way for the exponential growth of fast beauty. As the industry continues to evolve, it is clear that the era of fast beauty has arrived and is here to stay.


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